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The Blue Renters Connestion

Allied Renters Insurance

Liability and Property Protection for Today’s Renters, check out these key customizable coverage options and available discounts!

Key Coverage Options

  • Premier and Premier Extra Endorsements

  • Personal Injury

  • Personal Property Replacement Cost

  • Liability and Medical Payments

  • Waterbed Liability

  • Earthquake

  • Scheduled and Blanket Personal Property Options

  • Bicycle, Gun, and Sports Equipment Schedule Floaters

  • Back-Up of Sewer or Drain

  • Building Additions & Alterations

  • Personal Computer Coverage

  • Identity Theft

  • Loss of Use

  • Loss Assessment

  • Student Living Away From Home

  • Deductible options

Available Discounts

  • Multi-Policy

  • Multi-Line

  • Financial Stability

  • Age of Insured

  • Gated Community

  • Protective Devices

  • Provides a Multi-Policy

  • Personal (Married) Status discount to the auto and all

  • Powersports.

Renters policies are eligible for the Allied Extra when written with auto support.

Umbrella coverage is available. Just because they rent does not mean they don’t have a need for this coverage.

Okay to list unrelated named insureds on the same policy. Also applies to two siblings living together.

Possessions are more valuable than renters think, especially from a replacement cost perspective. Don’t forget to include items in storage. Coverage C minimum is $20,000.

Additional interest endorsement is available for landlords and property managers.

Remember, we use best in household credit to determine the financial stability discount.

Convenient billing choices include EFT and recurring credit card.

Excellent cross-sell opportunity. Over half of the rental market is uninsured. Renters can also become future homeowners.

Renters share many of the same risks as homeowners. Those include fire, theft, water, and liability.

This information is confidential and proprietary to Allied Insurance.

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